IT Professional Resources

  • David Curry
    PV Australia & Japan, CIO
  • Asim Ali
    PV Pakistan, Country Head
  • Kanza Kamal
    PV Pakistan, Logistic Manager
In brief:

  • Candidate Vetting / Authentication 
  • Matching resource needs of the Japanese enterprise
  • Automated support for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Placement of top candidates

Our Offerings

Hiring foreign candidates is complex, unpredictable, and varies by country. At Profound Vision, we will help you navigate this environment and attract the best candidates for your company.

Finding, Training  and Providing Japanese Enterprise with top global talent.

Using FITE a system designed uniquely by PV to aid, automate and speed up the end-to-end recruitment process. Using state of the art tools and technology to register, vet and assess candidates as they progress through the interview process. Thereupon automating the reporting, tracking and onboarding processes.

Our Vetting Process

Our detailed vetting process includes online interviews, video profiling, assessment testing, and certification verifications. All candidates are highly skilled and have passed all background checks required for international relocation.


After candidates have been vetted, our unique proprietary matching services will ensure the end client has all the data required to select the best candidate for a particular role.


Our international team will register, train, track, then finally deploy to Japan. The international placement process will be seamless for the hiring manager and the end client. There should be no difference to the end client, whether it is a local hire or an international hire.