Export Brands from Japan

PT Innovations (PTI) Manages Profound Vision's Japan Brand Marketing Division

In brief:

Japanese Prefecture Brands
  • Offering a variety of premium prefecture products
  • Collaborating with Prefectural Municipal Governments
  • Managing regulatory requirements for export

Yamagata Food Products
  • Yamagata prefecture abounds in well-known brands that have led the Japanese agricultural industry for many years.
  • Profound Vision and PTI will work with the Yamagata agricultural industry to define products that will withstand the rigor of being exported overseas to deliver high quality products to new consumers worldwide.
  • Yamagata brands will include produce, fine liquors and Yonezawa beef.
Yamagata Premium Liquor Products
  • Yamagata has many premium liquor products such as Sake, Shochu, and other wines that have been developed for over 300 years.
  • Some of the well-known brands are delivered to the Imperial household; one of the brands, 14 Dai, (Premium Sake), is known throughout Southeast Asia.
  • PTI's sister company, Legarare Inc., would work on the cross-border requirements to get these Yamagata liquor products delivered overseas.
Our Relationship with Yamagata Prefecture
  • Profound Vision's relationship with Yamagata Prefecture
  • Includes engaging with Yamagata cottage industries for over 12 years
  • Works closely with Yamagata Shimbun (Newspaper)
  • Nurtures our long-term relationship with the Yamagata Municipal Government
  • Our Co-Ceo is from Yonezawa city in the Yamagata prefecture
  • PTI's sister company, Legarare Inc., will manage the exports of all liquor related products
Collaborating with the Yamagata Municipal Government
  • Profound Vision has direct contact with the Municipal Government's Agricultural Division which will help in identifying and facilitating the exports of all agricultural products in Yamagata.
  • The Yamagata Government together with the Yamagata newspaper group, utilizing public relations, will help promote the exporting and brand development of Yamagata products overseas.
Managing Regulations and Logistics for Exports
  • Profound Vision sister company, Legarare Inc., will provide guidance for all required regulatory work to get approvals for the export of Yamagata products overseas.
  • All logistics support to include: ambient, chilled and frozen shipping needs; FOB and/or CIF pricing work; and brand label work will be provided to ensure safe delivery of all products.