FMCG Brand Development

PT Innovations (PTI) Manages PV’s FMCG Marketing Division

In brief:

Building and Managing Foreign Brands
  • Regulatory requirements for imports
  • Brand development guidance
  • Identifying distribution partners
  • Brand development
PT Innovations Expertise
  • Building F&B brands in Japan
  • Providing guidance to help brands adapt taste profiles to the Japanese consumer's palate
  • Regulatory approval work for over 30 brands/products
  • Working with top distributors for chilled, frozen and ambient products
  • Providing logistics guidance ex-factory all the way to the retailer
  • Managing social media and executing sales promotion programs

Regulatory Requirements for Imports

PTI works directly with Quarantine & Customs for import approvals beginning with the preparation of formal documentation that includes the list of ingredients and traceability; production flow charts; certifications; and pesticide residue testing results, etc.

This process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on the preparation of the exporting company.

Brand R&D Guidance
  • Brand R&D guidance is sometimes necessary to ensure that the products are culturally relevant to consumers and suit the Japanese palate. PTI provides guidance for R&D when products are too sweet, salty or the flavor is too strong.
  • BPTI also provides guidance on label design, naming and back/side label regulatory requirements, along with bilingual label work if necessary.
Identifying Distribution Partners
  • Retailers usually dictate who the distributors should be for their products, and PTI has access to the top distributors and logistics companies in Japan, from targeted regional distribution to full rollouts nationwide, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and other desirable venues.
  • Profound Vision sister firm PTI helps manage expectations as the build out of distribution across the country can take up to 3 years and requires marketing support to engage consumers via digital media and/or sales promotion events.
Brand Development
  • The Brand Development approach we take, can simply be adapting to overseas brand programs or creating culturally relevant SNS.
  • Profound Vision sister company PTI works with its partner agency Voltage, to fully develop marketing and sales promotion programs, together with all advertising needs.