New Market Entry Strategy

In brief:

  • Market Research and Analysis in the Sub-Continent
  • Market positioning strategy
  • Partner Selection and Due Diligence
  • Legal structure
  • Advisory in Government Relationship and Public Policy
Our Japan Expertise:
  • Asset Managers
  • FMCG
  • Innovative technology solutions

Market Research and Analysis in the

To generate a ‘fact base’ to form the foundation for strategic decision-making

The Sub-Continent is not a single market. Profound differences can exist between regions, between Tier 1 to Tier 4 cities, from industry to industry, among income levels and spending patterns, personal taste, and levels of sophistication and satisfaction. Each region must therefore be researched thoroughly before entry due to the variety of customer preferences, as well as regulatory and value chain considerations. 

Upon a thorough review of your objectives, we would consider options from your analyzed market research for your mode of entry. We would sufficiently familiarize you with the local market culture, government policies, and local behavior to contextualize subtleties; by enabling your ability to interpret the data correctly and accurately.

Market Positioning Strategy

To help tailor products, services, brands and marketing to local markets

Important issues to address at this early stage include competitor profiles, addressable market size, how products fit in or are differentiated from what exist, what their target market is buying, and why they are buying it. As there is no defined formula for market entry thus, successful companies are flexible so they can quickly adapt to the realities of their target market.

Localization can be one of the most important ingredients for rapid market growth in today’s markets as global multinational CEOs have modified or developed their own products specifically for local needs, according to the market's needs and wants. Only 25% of CEOs say their products and services in sub-continent markets are as same as that of their head office’s market (*According to PwC. “15th Annual Global CEO Survey.” 2012)

Often, the Sub-Continent based executives struggle to build a case with the head office to secure the funds needed for proper localization. Many businesses find it difficult to justify scarce resources to questionable markets that may yield limited profitability. And with many subsidiaries of foreign multinationals currently accounting for a small percentage of global revenue thus, businesses must determine whether to settle with limited growth or fully commit to the potential market.

In the Sub-Continent, you need to forget the products that you’ve got and start from scratch. Start from what it is they need and build from there:- Prior Ex-CEO of 'Swift'  Lázaro Compos

Partner Selection and Due Diligence

To ensure that your local partner search is the most appropriate and effective choice

Identifying the correct local partners to leverage resources such as sales channels, customer bases and low production costs; aligning Japanese companies' interests; and fulfilling their strategic intentions with assistance from external advisers is critical for market entry.

Once you decide to enter a market, our team on the ground will engage in the local market and build relationships. Then we set up an entity, whether in the form of a representative office or a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE), to start the market entry procedures.

While many Japanese firms set up joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises for their franchising model, some may choose to sell master franchising rights to a local company. This model involves giving up a large amount of control and placing blind trust in the local master franchisee. Our local connections and knowledge will be valuable in finding the right partner and determining the right fit for you.

Legal Structure

Sub-Continent law is based upon the legal system of British India thus, ultimately on the Common Law of England and Wales. Therefore, the practices of Sub-Continent companies are very different from the American and Japanese legal systems.

Our team will assist you in finding a law firm that is knowledgeable in Japanese law; to create a smooth transaction in a manner that Japanese entities will understand.

Advisory in Government Relationship and Public Policy

The culture, customs and traditions of Sub-Continent people make up an integral part of business decisions and government policy. Understanding these differences and adopting a flexible market entry strategy that can accommodate them will greatly enhance your efforts.

We ensure that your business strategy and industry focus is compliant with government policies on foreign investment. Further, we address and keep you up to date on changing government policies, and we facilitate your efforts in finding the key stakeholders in government.