Offshore IT Development

In brief:

  • IT Development and Innovation
  • Offshore Development/Technology and Development
  • Quality ongoing support in Japanese
  • Offshore Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Cost effective – quick turnaround time
  • Pool of Diverse IT Professionals to give that competitive edge
Our Offerings:
  • Robotic Process Automation Implementation
  • Cloud Service Implementation
  • Corporate Website Design
  • Offshore Development Services
Offshore Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • End-to-End support for all offshore software development.
Cost Effective and Quick Turnaround Time
  • The key to success in offshore development is the correct balance between cost reduction and quality maintenance. 
Quality Ongoing Support in Japanese
  • Staff and bridge engineers across three continents, trained to deliver for Japanese clients.
Pool of Diverse IT Professionals
  • Diverse teams bringing a unique global perspective to software development to ensure success on a local and global scale.

Application Development

Our extensive partnerships are leveraged in developing and supporting applications for a diverse set of global clients. Our solutions range from small company websites to load balanced, content management on enterprise level and  scalable cloud solutions.

Modernization/Migration to Cloud

The Profound Vision team helps you change and modernize obsolete IT applications. Our process delivers a roadmap to modernize your IT future. Based on discovery analysis, business/technology review, and collaboration workshops that culminate in an actionable, fact-based project plan that our experienced project managers will execute. The solution could involve complete replacement with cloud native applications or simply migrating existing applications to private or public clouds.

RPA and Software Testing

Where there is highly repetitive work, it can be mapped to a workflow and automated using modern on premise or cloud-based tools. Identifying, mapping and automating processes allows your business to forget about the mundane and focus on competitive innovation. Our dedicated team utilizes the latest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools on the latest platforms. This knowledge also extends to test automation tools for the software we build in our offshore development center or for your pre-existing platforms.  Full support from test planning/designing, execution to analytic reporting.

AI - Deep Learning

At PV,  we utilize the most modern AI and ML related software within our own business in order to provide the best advice on practical solutions that will work for you.  Developing software based on the latest data analytics tools and research. At Profound vision, our connections with university and research institutes provide a base for next level learning. Moving the dial forward with a vision and passion for technology.

Flexibility and Speed

Building a great application and/or a website is only a part of our solution. To become a responsive and reliable support partner is also essential. Our multilingual and multinational support team offers Modernization and Support Services with speed and flexibility to ensure that you can reduce cost and leverage onshore and offshore solutions.