Transnational Asset Management (TAM)

Raise Capital for Foreign Asset Managers in Japan

In brief:

  • Analyze fund marketability
  • Determine optimal target investors
  • Manage timely FSA filings
  • Act as your Japan Representative
  • Navigate complex Japanese market practices
  • Conduct Road-Shows
  • Raise AUM

Analyze Fund Marketability

Our team analyzes your fund and conducts in depth research to determine which sell side firms would be the optimal channel for you. In Japan there are approximately 270 sell side firms and each one has different needs and requirements. The process is extremely complicated and finding the correct partner is challenging. Our firm identifies the correct partners for you and opens doors for you to successfully raise capital in Japan.
The key factors determining your fund’s marketability include volatility, liquidity, and an externally audited track record.

Determine Optimal Target Investors

Each sell side firm in Japan has a different set of clients. These consist of Corporate Pensions, Government Pensions, Regional Pensions, Japanese Banks (Regional, Shinkin Banks, etc.), Private Investment Funds and HNWI. Determining which sell side firm is best suited is extremely complex as investment preferences vary greatly.

By performing a thorough due diligence of the asset manager and their fund, combined with our up-to-date knowledge of demanded asset classes by Japanese sell side firms, our experienced team can place your fund with the optimal investor choice.

Manage Timely FSA Filings

FSA filings are mandatory and complex. NAVs must be calculated and submitted daily, and an annual audit is required. Requirements vary between fund registration type. Your TAM team oversees and manages these processes to ensure accurate and timely completion of all regulatory requirements. 

Navigate Complex Japanese Market Practices

Japan has its own way of doing things, often found intimidating to the most experienced International Asset Managers. As your partner, Profound Vision’s Transnational Asset Management Team has the experience and personal contacts to navigate its clients through the regulatory maze and achieve the goal of raising capital in the second largest capital market in the world.  This includes tackling all necessary Financial Service Agency (FSA) requirements including Compliance, Legal, Marketing, Solicitation, and all registration related matters. PV also has deep contacts to get your Funds in front of the right Investors through the right channels in Japan.

Act as Your Japan Representatives
(If Approved)

No matter which way you choose to raise Capital in Japan, Profound Vision’s TAM Team can. Provided your fund passes our due diligence process and if the TAM team decides to become your Representatives in Japan. Whether you go for the extremely complex “FSA Registration” (license) or the faster but more limited “FSA Notification,” we can set up a full Representative Office or act as your Individual Representative. And if you just want to dip your toe in the water, we can even represent you with the extremely limited option “Without FSA Notification”

Conduct Road Shows

Like everything in Japan, there is a specific way that seminars and road shows are expected to be done. At Profound Vision, we know what it takes to get you in front of sell side decision makers. Our approach is focused, respects Japanese traditions, and gets results.

We plan and coordinate powerful, targeted road shows that showcase your firm and fund to the Japanese sell side firms that you need for success.

Raise AUM

Financial assets held by Japanese households are worth over JPY 1,752 trillion (USD 15.4 trillion) and Japan has the world’s 2nd largest number of HNWI (Approx. 2.7 million in 2015)*. The Japanese pension and institutional market is huge. Increasingly, Japanese investors are looking outside Japan to place investments.

Japan is an enormous opportunity, but it has long been an extremely challenging market for asset managers from outside Japan to access. We can help you successfully access AUM.

*Last report from latest 2019 Nomura Research Institute (NRI) report.