Japanese Cultural Embassy

Promotion of Japanese Arts and Content between Countries

In brief:

  • Introduction of A-List Japanese actors
  • Provide local support for location scouting
  • Promote Japanese theater globally
  • Coordinate with major Japanese sponsors Theater Overseas
  • Manage marketing activities
  • Public relations coordination with press

Introduction of A-List Japanese Actors

Facilitate casting calls from international production houses (China, Hollywood, etc.) for Japanese actors to perform in overseas locations.

Provide bios and coordinate interviews.

Provide Local Support in Japan

Assist movie production filming in Japan with obtaining government approvals, location scouting, and casting.

Assist with providing bilingual support staff.

Promoting Japanese Theater Globally

Tailor promotions for Japanese cultural programs for Japanese corporations, Japanese Government cultural programs, and international firms, in coordination with Japanese embassies and local governments.

Take Japanese theater to global audiences, as well as coordinating with international concert halls, opera houses, and other locales.

Identify and coordinate with major Japanese sponsors to host and fund theatrical events in international locations.

Develop and coordinate brand recognition promotions with Japanese and foreign press.